Life of Galileo

by Bertolt Brecht translated and adapted by David Hare directed by John Orlock
designed for Eldred Theater at Case Western Reserve University opened: April 8, 2005


Gather by the River Download Link

A recording of Leah Rubin singing "Gather by the River." It was used as an interlude at the end of scene 13.

Holy Manna Download Link

A recording of the women's a capella group Solstice singing "Holy Manna." This was used for bows.

Argument Download Link

This cue was used to underscore an argument happening on stage about Galileo's discoveries.

Ethereal Download Link

This was an original composition composed to highlight the strange, otherworldly aura around the pope as he was dressed in his robes on stage.

Design Concept

John Orlock’s concept was rather schizophrenic. He switched time periods at will, so Mahler symphonies and techno were juxtaposed in shocking ways, and were contrasted by the pervasive presence of a live women’s a cappella group bookending each scene. The cues were dictated rather specifically by Mr. Orlock, who had very distinct ideas about what he wanted to sound where at each point of the show. His design intents were Brechtian in the way he alienated the audience. The cues I designed were intended to support that goal by being very apparent.

Design Analysis

A few cues stand out from the rest in this production. The crowd scene was a recording of the cast with select voices highlighted with repeated quotes chosen by the director. The “Ethereal” track was composed to highlight the strange otherworldly and insane light the Mr. Orlock wanted the pope to assume. All the volumes were a little on the loud side and there were no careful fades in our out.