Theatrical Designs

Comedy of Errors

by William Shakespeare directed by Melissa Chalsma

Angel of History

by Carolyn Forsché adapted and directed by Emily Mendelsohn

Intimate Apparel

by Lynn Notage directed by Christine Menzies


by Erik Ehn directed by Emily Mendelsohn

King Lear (Act IV)

by William Shakespeare directed by Emily Mendelsohn

Six Characters in Search of an Author

by Luigi Pirandello adapted by Robert Brustein directed by Steve McCue


by William Shakespeare adapted and directed by Dawn Youngs

Life of Galileo

by Bertolt Brecht translated and adapted by David Hare directed by John Orlock

Uncommon Women

by Wendy Wasserstein directed by Cathy Albers

The Cure at Troy

by Seamus Heaney A Version of Sophocles' Philoctetes directed by Mark Allan Gordon


by Eugene Ionesco directed by Steve McCue

Sound Art

Underwater Silence (2007) Download Link

In a class, I was challenged to design a cue for underwater silence. This is what I came up with.

Meditation (2006) Download Link

Originally performed in the Main Gallery at CalArts on October 16th, 2006. Five speakers were hidden in the mezzanine level, surrounding the audience. The audience is led into the main gallery where a meditation cushion and a singing bowl are set up by the grand staircase. When the audience is in place, I started the sound (there was originally 3 minutes of silence before the first sound), descended the stairs, sat on the cushion facing the audience and struck the singing bowl three times. At the end of the track, I rang the bowl three more times, and left the space.


Joe Tuesday Loop Composition (2007) Download Link

The goal of this assignment was to add new elements to an existing piece of music by looping it and adding new tracks. I picked "Joe Tuesday" by Spiral System.

Wake Up Vocal Removal (2007) Download Link

I removed the vocals from Rage Against the Machine's "Wake Up" for a class assignment.

Orestes (2006) Download Link

As part of a project for seminar, I conceptualized a production of Orestes and designed the final cue. Think of the play as a high-budget fantasy soap opera. Apollo (the producer) enters at the end and gives directions for the next day of shooting.