Technical/IT Resume (PDF - 32k)

When not working in the theater, I spent my time working in IT. Most of my work experience involves supporting Mac OS in computer labs and multimedia installations, but I am experienced in troubleshooting Windows XP and earlier and most flavors of Linux. I design and program my own websites as well (including this one).

Sound Reference Widget

Sound Reference (2008)

I started development of this widget in 2007 after attending a Meyer Sound seminar in line array and sound system setup. Meyer distributed an Excel spreadsheet with frequency and wavelength information for different temperatures, and I saw the potential for that information to be turned into a widget. I hired Kurtis Kennington for the interface design on this version. The big challenge in this project was coding the interface elements to be interactive: all the knobs and sliders are functional, and the waveform on the widget's face is redrawn based on the selected phase.

Animated Waveform (2007)

I created this program using Processing to generate the waveform for my business cards and website. I later realized it would make a cool animation.

Entropy (2006)

Created for a class at CalArts called 'Interactive and Internet Media' using Flash.