Treefall (2010)

This show marks a continuing trend of choosing to compose and arrange my own music for productions instead of pulling already made tracks. The music features sampled pots and pans, pitz violin, a creaky old upright piano, and cello.

Comedy of Errors (2010)

The bulk of my work on this production was the composition of scene change music that fit the mood of the production. I am very happy with how my compositions turned out, and this show was my first in-depth experiment with the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Bride of Wildenstein: The Musical (2009-2010)

My first attempt at a composition for musical theater.

Angel of History (2009)

A site specific adaptation of a poem using AM radios.

Intimate Apparel (2008)

I set the lyrics of "Give Me a Man" to music that was played and sung live during this production.

Beginner (2008)

In addition to designing the sound for Beginner, I adapted, composed, and arranged all the music. Original melodies for most songs were provided by the playwright, Erik Ehn.

Soothing (2007) Download Link

Just the beginning of a larger composition.

Silver Circus (2007)

by Alana Macias directed by Matt Wilder
Burke Williams

Composed to open Act IV, this song was a lush experience of pampering oneself at the expense of spiritual wholeness.

Barnes and Noble

Mary Magdalene frenetically greets customers. The song was abandoned before it was orchestrated.

Through the Matrix (2004) Download Link

Created using Native Instruments' Absynth during an Electronic Sound Production course taught by Steve Kohn at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Digital Journey (2003) Download Link

My first digital composition, created using Digital Performer 3.5 and a host of software, analog, and digital instruments. Completed as part of the Electronic Sound Production course at the Cleveland Institute of Music.