Josh Senick

Josh Senick is an San Francisco based composer and sound designer who focuses in design and composition for theater. Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Josh attended Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music in Cleveland, Ohio where he received a B.A. in Music and Theater in 2005. He moved to Los Angeles, California in the fall of 2006 to attend the California Institute of the Arts. He received his M.F.A. in Sound Design on May 15, 2009.

Josh has a wide variety of professional interests and experience but specializes in sound design and composition for straight plays. Josh started his sound design career in 2004 at Case with his design for Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros. The design was well received, and Josh was hired by the theater department to design their mainstage plays for the next two years. His design for Rhinoceros has been purchased by several small schools around the world since its first production.

As a grad student at CalArts, Josh began to compose for productions he was assigned as part of his studies. He wrote a full score for voice, piano, guitar, and mixed percussion for Erik Ehn's Beginner that utilized experimental performance practices and integrated seamlessly with his sound design. His final thesis at CalArts, a dramatization of Carolyn Forsche's epic poem The Angel of History ended with a haunting song broadcast on the AM band to battery-powered radios the actors dug out of the ground.

While studying at CalArts, Josh also worked professionally in the Los Angeles theater scene as both a technician and a designer. Notable experiences include working as an audio technician at Pasadena Playhouse for six months in 2007, during which he worked as the RF-A2 for Broadway-scale musicals. Ray Charles Live, the second show he worked on at PPH will open on Broadway in November 2010. During the 2008-09 season he worked as Associate Sound Designer for Phil Allen with the Reprise Theatre Company. Once on this Island, Josh's first show as Mr. Allen's associate, won the 19th Annual NAACP Theater Award for Equity Sound Design.

Josh is also a budding composer and experienced pianist. He recently finished scoring and playing a silent version of Hamlet entitled Hamlet Shut Up with writer/director Jonas Oppenheim, which received critical acclaim in Los Angeles. His first musical, The Bride of Wildenstein was workshopped at the O'Neill National Puppetry Conference in June 2009, and has been performed across the country by lyricist and book writer Marisan DeLellis. His latest composition project, Hamlet Shut Up is a silent-movie inspired romp through Shakepseare's Hamlet conceived, written and directed by Jonas Oppenheim. Josh is reworking the music for Hamlet Shut Up's east coast premiere at FringeNYC in August 2010.

Josh's future aspirations include finishing a full-scale musical, sound designing new plays, bringing fresh interpretations to classic works, and running a full triathlon.